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This is the point.

The study session

  • In-house development of e-learning system "learningBOX
  • Development of systems with a view to overseas expansion
  • A workplace with approximately 50 employees where opinions can be exchanged without barriers of age or department
  • The representative is an engineer who has been involved in the development of "e-learning" since he was 20 years old.
  • Work environment with ping-pong table and sofas

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Application Guidelines

Background of the recruitment

All departments are working together without separation.

Tatsuno Information System Co., Ltd. is a system development company with its head office in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, we also have a branch office in Tokyo.

We provide apps for smartphones, web system development, as well as education management systems that are the backbone of e-learning.
In 2011, he released QuizGenerator as a quiz creation system.
Even now, it is the top-ranking Google search engine for "quiz creation" and "question creation".

In 2016, learningBOX was released as a system for storing and managing quiz and test scores.
In order to increase the number of companies using the service and to develop new functions, we are increasing the number of staff.

job content As a Server Engineer, you will be responsible for the server maintenance of the education management system, which is the backbone of our e-learning service.

As a server engineer, you will be responsible for the server construction, operation and maintenance of our e-learning system "learningBOX".

Server construction
We examine the specifications and processing power of the server required for operation.
It is important to design a system that takes into account a variety of factors, not only cost, but also the customer's usage situation.
We can also help you automate and lighten the maintenance of your servers.
Focuses on installation of applications and network configuration on AWS EC2 virtual servers.
If you're interested in the cloud and have a proven track record, you're welcome!

◆Operation and maintenance
We monitor servers, check security, and perform backups.
The main tasks are configuration for application upgrades, tuning for load countermeasures, backup and virus countermeasures.

Maintenance, operation, and document management based on ISMS
Responsible for the creation of documents based on ISMS to practical operation. We will also record the server update work associated with it.

Development Environment
Cloud Environment / AWS
OS/Linux, Red Hat
Server / Apache HTTP Server
Development language / SQL, Bash
Project management / GitHub, Git, Backlog

About the flow after joining the company
One-week basic training via e-learning
↓directional marker or indicator
2 weeks to catch up with the functions and overall picture of our system
↓directional marker or indicator
OJT follow-up

Required Personnel ◎You can learn new knowledge with ambition and curiosity.
◎Be able to value cheerfulness, positivity, and positive thinking
Welcome Requirements
  • Experience building, maintaining, and servicing AWS servers
  • Experience building, maintaining, and servicing LINUX servers
  • Experience building, maintaining, and servicing IIS servers
  • Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL/PostgreSQL
essential requirement ◎Work experience
development policy We are developing in agile, and we have morning meeting MTG/evening meeting MTG in the system department with the representative.
We share the current progress and what is stuck in the current situation, and we share information to solve the problem.
work location

We are developing in an environment surrounded by nature.

No relocation / I and U-turn welcome

Head Office: 216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture

10 minutes walk from JR "Hontatsuno" station

The Tokyo branch office was also established.
If you wish, there is a possibility that you will eventually be able to work at the Tokyo base.

Established a subsidiary in Shanghai.
With an eye on overseas expansion, we have established overseas offices

We have also recruited from Himeji City, Ako City, Kobe, Osaka and other cities.
It's a 20-minute train ride from Himeji, and it's just a short walk from the Hontatsuno station.
The distance to work is not difficult.

trial period 6 months
office (business, working) hours 09:00 - 18:00

Basically, there is almost no overtime work.
Everyone leaves the office by 7pm at the latest.

pay Monthly salary: 220,000 yen to 350,000 yen

We will give you preferential treatment based on your age and salary at your previous job.

Salary increase and bonus Salary increase / once a year
Bonus / twice a year
various allowances Commuting allowance (fully paid)
Qualification allowance (Qualification: Information Processing Engineer Examination sponsored by IPA (e.g. Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination 10,000 yen/month))
Holidays and vacations
  • 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • national holiday
  • GW (as per calendar)
  • summer vacation
  • year-end holiday
  • Paid holidays (10 days after 6 months of employment)
  • year-end holiday
  • congratulatory or condolence leave
  • Maternity leave (with a track record of taking and returning to work)
  • Childcare leave (with a track record of taking and returning to work)
  • leave taken after the compulsory maternity leave
  • Long and consecutive holidays
welfare programme Various types of social insurance (health, welfare pension, worker's compensation, employment)

Lunch break

Free drinks available
This is a great opportunity to work in a stress-free environment.
Chat for Business in the Office
We have introduced "Slack" to manage the progress of projects and
We are sharing the situation smoothly.


Attraction of the company and work

Internal view

Would you like to play an active role in a white environment?
Don't you have the image that "system development companies don't have many days off and work a lot of overtime..."? But we are different!
The company has a full 2-day work week (Saturday and Sunday) and plenty of annual holidays ◎ Furthermore, there is almost no overtime work and you can basically leave the office at 6pm everyday. You will have a great work-life balance.
In addition, since we allow plenty of time for project delivery, there is no need to work unreasonably. That's why we can focus on "good work" to the fullest.

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About us

  • Establishment: July, 2012
  • Founded: June 2011
representative Yoichiro Nishimura, President and Representative Director
capital stock 194,990,000 yen (including capital reserve) As of June 2020
Our Business
  • Development of an educational learning delivery system (LMS)
  • Development of order management production management system
  • Web application development on consignment
  • Development of iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications
  • Android App Development

[Business Concept
From individuals, groups, and all kinds of customers.
We will continue to develop our services so that we can provide services that will please you.
I wish I could do this.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
We realize your inspiration and ideas with the power of IT. Please search for us!
You can search for "create questions" or "create quizzes" on Google.
You'll see our services at the top!

Headquarters Location 216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo>>MAP
[Achievements in system development for companies
  • Learning delivery system of a major correspondence high school
  • Test delivery system for the largest educational institution
  • Online prep school delivery system
  • Order production management system for metal processing companies
  • Human resource management system for housekeeping dispatch business, etc.
 We have developed our own applications.
  • NEW Nostalgic Block Breaker
  • hangnail's cradle
  • Hamu Puzzle [A new kind of 15 puzzle (slide puzzle) game].
  • Let's have fun with arithmetic! ~A learning app for children to enjoy with sound and eyes~!
  • whack-a-mole (game)
  • Ear Age Diagnosis - "Shocking results in 24 seconds
  • Hectopascal now
  • breaking glass
Corporate Website

How to Apply

How to Apply Thank you for reading to the end.

Lunch break in the company. Table tennis

Please apply using the application form below.

You may also contact us directly by phone.
We welcome your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

We will keep your application strictly confidential.
The personal information you provide will be used only for recruitment purposes.
The information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be transferred or disclosed to any third party.

Contact after receiving application After selection, we will contact you by email or phone.
Recruitment Process ▼ WEB Screening
Selection will be made based on the application data you send us. Interview (1 or 2 times)
An interview will be conducted by the person in charge.
Please contact us for the interview date and time.

▼ Offer of employment* Please consult with us regarding the start date. We would like to meet as many people as possible.
If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you!

location for an interview ◎Conducted at [Head Office] or [Web].

[Head Office]
216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo>>MAP
>10 minutes walk from JR "Hontatsuno" station

The interview will be conducted using Google Meet.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any other services.

Features of the selection process
Interview schedule is negotiable Entry period negotiable Minimum 1 month from application to job offer