Philosophy and Vision

Change the world with the power of IT education.

Change the world with the power of IT education.

learningBOX is an e-learning system from Japan.
No other company in the world today has a global market share in e-learning.

The open source e-learning system, moodle, is a high performance system, but it is also very complex and cumbersome, making it very expensive to manage.
In addition, many of the e-learning programs developed by private companies are priced at very high levels, creating a high hurdle to adoption.

Our goal is to create a system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment.

It is an e-learning system that is easy to start using, both in terms of cost and operation.

We hope to play a part in creating more educational opportunities not only in Japan but also around the world.

Education x Quiz = Enjoy

Since its launch in 2011, QuizGenerator has been responding to the needs of people in a variety of industries who want to create quizzes.
By making it free of charge for commercial use, it has been used by a variety of business types, such as in universities, in personnel training at small and medium-sized companies, private tutoring schools, and private restaurants.
In 2016, due to numerous requests from people who wanted to manage their grades, we implemented member management and grade storage features and began operating as an e-learning system.

What I was particular about was the price.

Regular e-learning systems are expensive and are designed for large companies. A monthly fee of 300~500 yen per account is said to be the standard.
Our e-learning system is aimed at small businesses, and by simplifying and simplifying the system into a single quiz management system, we are able to offer it at just ¥28 per account.
Even if you have 100 students/employees/students, the monthly fee is only 2,750 yen, and we hope that this system will be loved by companies that have never been able to reach e-learning before.
We hope you will use it as a learning reinforcement system in university departments, as an educational system for small and medium-sized companies, as a learning management system for private cram schools, and as a manual teaching material for restaurants.