Yoichiro Nishimura, Representative Director and CTO

He has been working in the e-learning industry since his university days.
Registered with the eLearning Consortium as LearningManagementSystem
He has worked on four of the 31 systems.

In 2001, he entered the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University, and was engaged in research on software engineering until graduate school. In 2007, after 3 months of language study at CPILS in the Philippines, he joined Kiban Corporation, a system company specializing in e-learning, in August 2007.
He was involved in the development of "eLearningManager4U" (*SCORM1.2 LMS-RTE3 certified). After that, he was in charge of localization and quality control of Wondershare's e-learning content creation software, QuizCreator, PPT2Flash, PPT2Mobile, DemoCreator, and WebVideoAuthor in Japan. In 2009, he moved to Kiban International Co., Ltd. due to the company split and developed "SmartBrain" (*SCORM1.2 LMS-RTE3 certified) from scratch.
After participating in the launch of a development base in Hakodate, Hokkaido, he left Kiban International in 2011. He became a sole proprietor and created and released a quiz system "QuizGenerator". In July 2012, he established Tatsuno Information System Co. In January 2016, Tatsuno established Tatsuno Information System Inc. to create a dedicated LMS for Renaissance Academy, a correspondence high school. In January 2016, we created and released our own e-learning system, "learningBOX".

Director and Product Manager / Kazuhiro Mori

He started working at J-Brain, a headhunting company.
In his second year, he participated in the establishment of Ebibade-go Inc. and experienced business building.
In 2012, he started IT consulting as a sole proprietor.
In 2015, he joined Tatsuno Information Systems and launched learningBOX.

Graduated from Kansai University in 2008. Worked at a headhunting company, J-Brain Inc. and was in charge of advertising and marketing in the web strategy office.
In 2009, she was a founding member of Ebibade-go, a company that publishes picture books and operates a picture book school, and was involved in the launch of the company.
Received orders from major companies for picture books for pamphlets and sales promotions, and was involved in the launch of a picture book school under her own brand.
Started IT consulting as a sole proprietorship in 2012. Engaged in web strategy as an advisor/consultant for various venture companies.
He joined Tatsuno Information Systems Inc. in 2015 and launched the learningBOX business.
In 2017, he was appointed as a director at Tatsuno Information System Co. Up to the present.