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Application Guidelines

left arm

He's left-handed, so he's going to adopt a left arm.

The world is

Since the Corona disaster, our lives have changed. Masks are indispensable when going out, universities offer online classes, and the number of users of online supermarkets has increased greatly.
Many companies introduced telework for work as well. Video chat services were used for sales and meetings. Even new employee training could be conducted from home. The demand for IT services increased as the ability to work from anywhere spread rapidly.

With the Corona epidemic, we are in the midst of a major change in the way society works as a whole.

us too
It's time for a change.

We, as a provider of the e-learning service "learningBOX", are no exception. Last year, in 2020, the number of transactions increased significantly and learningBOX achieved its highest sales ever. In response to customer demand, new features were released one after another.

Now is the time for us to take the "next step" in realizing our corporate philosophy, "Change the world with the power of EdTech. It is time for us to move on to the "next step" in order to realize our corporate philosophy, "Changing the world through the power of EdTech"! It is time for us to take the next step and change to become a better team than ever before.

as ...
I'll take the wheel.

We still have a lot of features we want to develop. There are also a lot of people who want to use the service. For this reason, we have people who can develop services. We also have people who sell services. However, we do not have enough people who can decide the direction of the company and services and steer the ship.

We are a company that is still in the process of growth, and we have a lot of challenges compared to large companies. However, we are a company where if you raise your hand, your opinion will be listened to and you will have a chance to be accepted. There is still a lot of joy to be found in changing services with your own words and your own hands!

Come on.
Let's give it a shot.

They're hiring a lefty.
What is it?

I think you have the wrong right arm.

Currently, many of the internal guidelines for learningBOX are determined by Mori, Director and Product Owner of Tatsuno Information Systems.
Starting with meetings with customers and sales, marketing policies, creating specifications for new feature development, management, budgeting, hiring personnel... I do "this and that" for our company.

We are looking for a person who can be Mori's left-hand man and work with him.
By the way, we are looking for left-handed people because Mori is left-handed, but right-handed people are also welcome to apply.

this and that
be made

Left-handed work.

You will be required to perform any of these duties according to your wishes and aptitude.
We are hiring with a view to having you become a leader of each department in the future.


You will conduct business negotiations with clients and aim to acquire projects. Hearing and proposing requests for the use of our services and the development of new functions, and sharing them within the company.

project manager

Create specifications for new functions of the company's services, and manage progress and members. Accuracy and the ability to think clearly to convey the purpose of the function and the means to achieve it in an easy-to-understand manner will be utilized.


Let's expand our business together by developing our products more widely. We will take care of marketing strategy, campaign planning, and improving SEO of our website.

What forest?

He's a good guy.

Director and Product Manager

Kazuhiro Mori

After working in web marketing and IT consulting, he is now a director of our company and is in charge of business negotiations for several large-scale projects. He is always in meetings with people inside and outside the company from morning to night.
He has many talents including music and sports. He is an unbeatable player in the company's table tennis league.

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The kind of person we are looking for

Seek! Leader!

I need a learning box.
Those who want to make it better.

A passion for thinking for yourself and taking concrete action to improve learningBOX.


Good personality and centripetal force to manage project progress and organize members.

Logical thinking.
Who we are good at

Accuracy and thoughtfulness in communicating the purpose of a function and the means of achieving it in a simple and straightforward manner.

About us
What system?

Changing the world with the power of EdTech.

Tatsuno Information Systems is a systems company headquartered in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, which focuses on the development and sales of its e-learning system, learningBOX, with a view to expanding its business overseas.
The number of employees is currently around 40. In addition to Hyogo Prefecture, we have offices in Tokyo and Shanghai.

What's a learningBOX?

Easy to use for everyone
e-learning system

The learningBOX system we develop and sell is a learning management system with all the functions necessary for e-learning, including the creation of teaching materials, questions and tests, and grading and grade management.
With a focus on "ease of use" and "low cost," the system is used by more than 4,500 companies and educational institutions.

Application Guidelines

Please check the application guidelines and how to apply, and then click "Apply for a Job" to apply.

type of occupation
General position (leadership candidate)
You will be either a "Sales", "Project Manager" or "Marketing" for the e-learning system "learningBOX".


Negotiate with clients and aim to win projects. You will be responsible for proposing ways to use our services "learningBOX" and "QuizGenerator" to clients, and hearing requests for the development of new functions. There is no quota.
  • Acquire new customers (propose ways to use learningBOX, support introduction)
  • Follow-up with existing customers
  • Acquisition of development projects (interviews with customers, proposals, internal sharing)
  • Quotation and contract preparation
Merchandise Features
Our e-learning system "learningBOX" is used by major global companies and famous national universities. Compared to other companies' products, we focus on price and ease of use, and since we offer a free, indefinite trial, it's easy for customers to promote our products.
essential condition
  • Experience in customer negotiation (regardless of job title or years)
  • Knowledge of IT (HTML, CSS, PHP, server, etc.)
  • Management experience
Welcome Conditions
  • At least 3 years of IT solution sales experience
  • Web application sales experience

project manager

You will be involved in the development of our services "learningBOX" and "QuizGenerator" and be responsible for the management of the development team. Customer coordination is basically done by the director or sales representative.
  • Create specifications for new features
  • Development progress management
  • member management
development process
After planning the function in the company and going through the development meeting, we decided the development timing.
Development personnel are assigned to each function, and development is carried out in conjunction with version upgrades four times a year.
development system
From web application development to Android and iOS development by in-house engineers.
Information sharing between Tokyo and Hyogo is done via slack.
essential condition
  • person with actual work experience
  • Management experience
Welcome Conditions
  • Experience in development, maintenance and operation of web systems
  • Large-scale system development experience
  • Web development experience in LAMP configuration
  • Experience in creating and improving services and products


Let's expand our business together by developing our products more widely. We will take care of marketing strategy, campaign planning, and improving SEO of our website.
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Management of the company's website (planning, improvement, creation of blog posts)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Web Advertising Management
  • Planning of exhibition participation
  • Progress Management
  • member management
team member
Currently, the marketing team has a PR, blog, design, programmer, and international support staff.
essential condition
  • person with actual work experience
  • Management experience
Welcome Conditions
  • 3+ years of web marketing experience
of recruitment
We want to make the world a better place through e-learning. In 2011, we released "QuizGenerator" as a quiz creation system, and it is still the top ranked quiz creation and question creation system in Google search. QuizGenerator" as a quiz creation system in 2011.
The company has attracted attention from many quarters, including numerous media coverage, and thanks to this, its performance is strong.

As the demand is expected to increase further in the future, we have decided to strengthen our organizational structure. We are looking for a new colleague who can play an active role immediately.
Flow after joining the company One-week basic training via e-learning
↓directional marker or indicator
2 weeks to catch up with the functions and overall picture of our system
↓directional marker or indicator
OJT follow-up
development policy We are doing agile development, and we have morning meeting MTG / evening meeting MTG in the system department with the representative. We share the current progress and what is stuck in the current situation, and we share information to solve the problem.
work location Head Office: 216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture
No relocation, possibility to work at Tokyo base eventually if you want.

10 minutes walk from JR "Hontatsuno" station

We have also recruited from Himeji City, Ako City, Kobe and Osaka.
It's a 20-minute train ride from Himeji, and it's just a short walk from the Hontatsuno station, so commuting is not a hassle.
6 months
09:00 - 18:00
Basically, there is almost no overtime work.
Everyone leaves the office by 7pm at the latest.
pay Monthly salary: 250,000 yen to 350,000 yen
We will give you preferential treatment based on your age and salary at your previous job.
Overtime is paid in full.
salary raise
・Development of
Salary increase / once a year
Bonus / twice a year
various allowances Commuting allowance (fully paid)
Qualification allowance (Qualification: Information Processing Engineer Examination sponsored by IPA (e.g. Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination 10,000 yen/month))
・Development of
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
  • GW (as per calendar)
  • summer vacation
  • year-end holiday
  • Paid holidays (10 days after 6 months of employment)
  • year-end holiday
  • congratulatory or condolence leave
  • Maternity leave (with a track record of taking and returning to work)
  • Childcare leave (with a track record of taking and returning to work)
  • leave taken after the compulsory maternity leave
  • Long and consecutive holidays
Various types of social insurance (health, welfare pension, worker's compensation, employment)
Free drinks available
Internal events (launches, etc.). You can work stress free!
In the office, we have introduced Slack, a chat system for business, to manage the progress of projects and share the status smoothly.

How to Apply

Thank you for reading to the end.
Please apply using the application form below.

You may also contact us directly by phone.
We welcome your questions. Please feel free to contact us.
We will keep your application strictly confidential.
The personal information you provide will be used only for recruitment purposes.
The information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be transferred or disclosed to any third party.
reception (desk)
After selection, we will contact you by email or phone.
▼ WEB Screening
The selection process will be based on the application data you send us.
▼ Interviews (1 or 2 times)
An interview will be conducted by the person in charge.
Please contact us for the interview date and time.
▼ Offer of employment
Please contact us to discuss your start date. We would like to meet as many people as possible.
If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you!
location for an interview Conducted at the head office or on the web

Head Office
216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo >>MAP
10 minutes walk from JR "Hontatsuno" station

I would like to interview using Google Meet.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any other services.
The selection
  • Interview schedule is negotiable
  • Entry period negotiable
  • Minimum 1 month from application to job offer