How to encode (transcode) all your videos at once

Hello. I am the representative, Nishimura.

Sometimes you want to encode a video together, so instead of a memo, I'll post the method.

I have FFMPEG installed, and I use the following bat file for batch encoding.
In the following example, it encodes all mp4 files in the folder named orig and saves them in the encoded folder; I have encoded over 100 hours of video in one go, and it worked stably until the end.
GUI is good, but CUI is more comfortable for batch processing.

@echo off

rem (unit of radiation dose)
rem I'll encode it!
rem (unit of radiation dose)

for %%i in (orig/*.mp4) do (
ffmpeg -i orig/%%i -s 1280×720 -b:v 300k encoded/%%i