Android Studio continued

I got angry in English, so I went straight to the search window. Then, the same screen.

I was pissed off that there is no JVN, so I refer here. There is a download URL, too.

That's strange, I installed it a while ago. I downloaded it one more time thinking.

Then, this time, I got "You're using chrome. I don't care if it doesn't work correctly", so I continued with IE.

I downloaded it and rebooted, but nothing changed.
Then, I made a mistake in the environment variable. c:³ of the C drive ← This was missing two.

How to fix environment variables (location)

I fixed it, and it started right up!

Then the next

I referred to it and popped it in and made it.

AVD = emulator type or create/edit
Run = Let the app run

Here we go. It was eclipse until now.
The rule of folder arrangement of eclipse is different from the rule of Android Studio, isn't it?
However, Android Studio 2.1.1 has a button that allows you to regenerate and open anything that was running in eclipse from here.
If you do it this way, it's true! The file was regenerated and placed!
Here is a clear explanation of the buttons on the screen.

↓ When I try to do it with the actual device, I can't for the life of me find the file you described on my PC: ・・・・
↓I can't find the file to speed up the emulator, so I can't do it.

Where did the "AppData" file go? ~~~~ (crying)


So, let's review the steps after the installation.

  1. Launch Android Studio (2nd time or later)
  2. File → New → Import Project...
  3. Select the file you used in eclipse

So, can I use it?

However, it doesn't work with Subversion, and if you want to edit the data, you need to directly edit the file, commit it in SVN, and start the emulator again to check it again.
If it's just on the screen, you can edit it and check it of course.
I wish I could SVN commit directly from Android Studio - ・・・・・