Android Studio 2.1.1 Connecting to a real device (Nexus7)

Check out the pre-application screen on the on-screen emulator: ・・・・


It's still hard to see: !!!!


So, I checked again and succeeded.

I'm so glad that even an "old lady" can understand what you're saying!

In one case, the location of the folder was slightly different.

This PC is Windows 7 64bit and the actual device is Nexus7.

The "android_winusb" was found in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\extras\google\usb_driver
I didn't know that you can find the address of the folder by clicking on the folder symbol on the WWW.

。。。。 As I was writing this, it was not recognized again.

Lost and found again: ・・・・・/(^o^)backslash


(CONTINUED) step 5 and below is perfect! (Old)
We also recommend reviewing the settings on the actual machine.


Phew! I'll have some tea.