How to fix conflicts in SVN merging

If you have a conflict after merging, don't be in a hurry, just edit with e(edit) and accept the change with r(resolved) if it is resolved.

About options in case of conflicts

  • (p) postpone
  • Mark the conflict to be resolved later.
  • (df) diff-full
  • Show differences between base revision and conflict files in a unified diff format.
  • (e) edit
  • Modify the merged file with the editor.
  • (r) resolved
  • Accept the merged version of the file.
  • (mf) mine-full
  • Accept the user's entire file and ignore the latest changes in the repository.
  • (tf) theirs-full
  • Accept the entire file on the side that conflicts with the user and ignore the latest changes in the local working copy.
  • (l) launch
  • Launch an external tool for conflict resolution (this requires the external tool to be configured ahead of time).
  • (h) help
  • Lists the options described here.

Useful reference URLs for merging