What is JavaScript's "Split Assignment"?

JavaScript - Split Assignment

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  • 1. what is split assignment?
  • 2. partitioning and assignment of arrays
  • 3. object partitioning and assignment
  • 4. rest syntax and split assignment

What is Split Assignment?

The Destructuring assignment syntax is a JavaScript expression that allows you to take a value from an array or a property from an object and assign it to a separate variable.
MDN web docs

Split Array Assignment

The split assignment of an array is the same as the split assignment at the beginning of the

Write variable declarations like array literals on the left side, and write arrays on the right side.

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If the number of arrays is not enough, it will be undefined.

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Split assignment 2
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Split object assignment

It's the same as the split assignment of an array.

Write variable declarations like object literals on the left side and objects on the right side.

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Split substitution 3
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Rest Syntax and Split Assignment

It can be combined with the rest syntax to aggregate the rest of the values.

In Japan, it seems to be called residual substitution.

For more information on Rest Syntax, click here.

What are "spread syntax" and "rest syntax" in JavaScript?

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Split substitution 4
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