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Change the world
 with the power of EdTech

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For ease of use and low prices
The reason I stick with it.
Because I want everyone to use it.


Since the launch of our quiz creation tool, QuizGenerator, in 2011, we have been meeting the various needs of our clients.
Then in 2016, in response to requests to also store grades and manage students, we began operating an e-learning system, learningBOX. The system currently has over 16,000 owners and is used by people in a wide variety of industries.
We believe that if we can lower these two hurdles, the system will spread more widely around the world.
In order for learningBOX to play a part in creating learning opportunities and success stories for people around the world, we are constantly improving and developing systems that are easy to use and inexpensive.


We look to the
Everyone in the world.
A future where you will encounter opportunities to learn.


Currently, looking around the world, no company boasts a global market share in e-learning. In addition, many e-learning programs developed by private companies are very expensive in terms of operational cost pricing, making the hurdle to adoption high.

LearningBOX's goal is to become a world-class e-learning system that allows anyone to easily create a web-based learning environment.
That means an e-learning system that is easy to start using, both in terms of cost and operation.
We are always looking beyond Japan to the world and how we can achieve this with learningBOX.