We have released an app "Let's enjoy math! is now available for iPhone and Android!

Let's have fun with arithmetic! ~A learning app for children to enjoy with sound and eyes~!This is a learning application that is made on the theme of "Let's enjoy San-Su" and is fun with sound and eyes. It looks cute and easy for children to get used to! It is designed to make children like math before they know it while having fun.

This is a learning application for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can be used from the study of elementary school students to brain training for adults.

At first, only the plus sign is displayed, and you can study addition. If you get a certain score in addition, subtraction will be released, if you get a certain score in subtraction, multiplication will be released, and if you get a certain score in multiplication, division will be released.

Also, if you get a high score in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, you can play with more difficult problems.

Each of them has 4 levels of difficulty, making them ideal for training your mental arithmetic skills. By mastering this app, you'll be able to do 19 X 19 calculations and 2-digit + 2-digit calculations in an instant, and you'll definitely be a hero (or heroine) at school!