Notice of Changes to the Terms of Use, etc.

We would like to thank you for using learningBOX and QuizGenerator.
We are pleased to announce that we will partially revise the "Terms of Use" as of July 7, 2021.

Revision date
July 7, 2021

Major changes
(1) We have arranged our Terms of Use to include more understandable provisions regarding contract terms, service content, usage fees, and other contract details.
[New Article 3, New Article 4, etc.

(2) Although we have not included the creation of teaching materials in our services before, we have made this point clear.
[New Article 4, Paragraph 3]

(3) The usage fees have been set lower than before, and have been clarified so that there is no refund even in the case of mid-term cancellation. In addition, we have improved the provisions regarding compensation for damages (including special provisions regarding consumer contracts). (including special provisions on consumer contracts).
[New Article 4, Paragraph 4 and New Article 13

(4) We have broadened the scope of those who can use this service so that it can be used widely in corporate groups.
[New Article 5, Paragraph 6

(5) Regarding the customization of wording, etc., the design template is selected at the time of initial setup, and the design and wording can be modified only once, and subsequent modifications to the design and wording will be charged separately. This is clearly stated. (New Article 12)

Details of the above changes are available in the newTerms of Usefor more information.

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