We have released the application "Hamu Puzzle" for iPhone and Android!

Hamu Puzzle [A new kind of 15 puzzle (slide puzzle) game].Let's collect images of cute hamsters!
There are 43 stages in total!
It's a new kind of 15 puzzle (slide puzzle) game where you can save the image of a hamster every time you clear it!

The photo of the hamster was taken by Michiko Nishimura, winner of the Grand Prix of the Color Imaging Awards sponsored by Epson.

If you are able to match 15 puzzles, you can save the solved image.
Whether you like cute hamster images or slide puzzles, this Hamu Puzzle is sure to be a fun game for you.

The difficulty level of the first puzzle is easier than the second.
Later puzzles will be more difficult.

Please feel free to use the saved images as wallpaper, etc.

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