QuizGenerator 5.3 series is released

Design Changes

QuizGenerator will be redesigned from 5.3.0.

intro screen

Question and answer screen

commentary screen

results page

capture rate

Change in the rate of attack

Unanswered" which has never been answered
Perfect" where the rate of attack is more than a certain number of correct answers.
Correctly answered but less than a certain number of times "under attack".
A "mistake" that has never been answered correctly

are now displayed in an easy-to-understand pie chart on the intro screen in four types.



playing guide (e.g. for game)


weak attacking strategy

The weak point strategy is the thorough review that was in the master mode before 5.3 became the weak point strategy.
In the weakness strategy.

  1. playing guide (e.g. for game)
  2. blunder

In this mode, only questions in the state of

This allows you to take revenge only on the questions you have answered before, even if you have a large number of questions.

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