QuizGenerator(beta) with member management and saving of grades is released.


We have just released a new version of QuizGenerator (beta)!
This is a service with the addition of member management and grade storage.

Four major functions of ▼QuizGenerator(beta)
 【Problem Answer】 ・・・ Solve the problem.
 Create and manage 8 types of questions.
 【Save Results】 ・・・You can view the results of the members.
 【Member Management】 ・・・You can create and manage groups and members.

▼ Overview
Since 2011, we have been offering QuizGenerator (https://quizgenerator.net/), a free tool to create quizzes from text (.txt) files, on the web. Thanks to this, we have been ranked No.1 in Google search for keywords such as "quiz generator", and we have been receiving more inquiries than before.
We believe that the reason why our users are using it is that it is free for commercial use, anyone can easily create it with text files, and it supports 8 types of question formats such as fill-in-the-blank and sorting.

Uses include.
I want to use it as a review material for students at the school.
I want him to learn the manual for the restaurant.
I want new graduates in the company to learn the basic knowledge.
etc., are mainly used on a small scale.

One of the inquiries we received was, "Can I save my students' grades?" One of the inquiries was "Can I save the grades of my students? Previously, QuizGenerator was a quiz-making software, so it could not save grades by itself.
So, in December last year, we started to develop a service to save the results of QuizGenerator under the policy of "Let's make it a web-based e-learning system that can be easily introduced to small businesses.

What I was concerned about was the price.

In order to save grades, there are inevitably server costs. Normally, e-learning systems cost 300-500 yen per month per account. However, for us, the service must be able to be used by small businesses (or divisions of large companies).
Therefore, by simplifying and simplifying the question submission system and integrating it as a quiz management system, we were able to reduce the cost and provide the system at 2,500 yen/month for 11 to 100 accounts (the lowest price is 25 yen/month per account).

Even if you have 100 employees or students, the monthly fee is only 2,500 yen, and we hope that this system will be loved by companies that have not been able to reach e-learning before.
We hope you will use it as an educational system for small and medium-sized companies, as a learning management system for private tutoring, and as a manual teaching material for restaurants.

The following is the URL of QuizGenerator(beta) site. Please click here to apply.

Please take a look.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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