QuizGenerator 5.0.12 released.

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.0.12 on November 12, 2016. Changes in this version include.

(1) Corrected an inappropriate message that was displayed when a question was set for batch submission in a fill-in-the-blank question.

(2) Corruption of chemical structure formula display resolved

(3) Expansion of the description columns for short answer and multiple choice questions

(4) Visual feedback when the complete strategy button is disabled

(5) Resolved display corruption on the results screen

(6)Display of formulas and chemical structure formulas in feedback text

(1)-Fixed a problem in which "There are unanswered questions" was displayed when clicking the "Score" button after solving all questions in a question set that used fill-in-the-blanks questions, when the option value /#show_instant_result:false was set.

(2) - The chemical structure formulas were not displayed correctly after version 5 series. From this version, the chemical structure formulas are displayed.

(3)---We have set the writing fields for the essay and multiple choice questions wider horizontally (to 80% of the screen).

(4) - Implemented a function that prevents pressing the complete strategy button/changing button color when the master mode strategy rate reaches 100%.

(5) - Regarding the screen after all questions have been answered, a bug that prevented viewing the results after the 10th question when the number of questions is large has been resolved.

(6)---Formulas and chemical structure formulas included in feedback statements are now properly displayed.