QuizGenerator 5.0.13 released.

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.0.13 on November 28, 2016. Changes in this version include.
(1) If you do not want to display the results immediately, change the color of the submit button to red and the shape to a circle.

(2) Added a setting to not display the submit button except on the last page when the result is not displayed immediately.

(3) Added settings for pass/fail titles and pass/fail messages in the results screen header section

(4) Added a setting to hide the summary and detail sections of the results screen.

(5) Visualization of strategy rate trends in the summary section of the results screen

(6) Change of credit position

(7) Added section name display function

(1) ...#show_instant_resultChanged the color of the scoring button to red and the shape to a circle for questions that have :false set.

(2) ...#show_instant_resultUsing #hide_mark_button:false in combination with #hide_mark_button:true, the "Score button" can be displayed only on the final question.

(3)---Add a new option item related to messages. Describe the text you want to set under the colon.
and quizzes uploaded fromQuizGenerator(beta)You can set the quiz to be displayed in the

[Title when passed] #messages_passed_title:Passed
[text when passed] #messages_passed_body:Congratulations on passing!
[Title at the time of rejection] #messages_failed_title:Rejected
[Text at the time of failure] #messages_failed_body:Failed. Again.

(4) - New optional items added.
Hide the summary section (scores, number of incorrect answers, etc.) of the results screen].#hide_result_summary:true
Hide the detail section (your answers, correct and incorrect answers, etc.) for each question on the results screen.#hide_result_detail:true

(5) ・・・ In the Master Mode results screen, a percentage transition of the strategy rate has been added next to the score.

(6) - The position of the credit notation has been changed from inside the opening message frame of the question set to outside the frame.

(7) ...section (in exam) questions by sectionIn the "Quiz" section, you can now name each section, and the section name will be displayed during the quiz.