QuizGenerator 5.0.25 released.

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.0.25 on April 28, 2017. Changes in this version include the following
Improved handling of uploaded empty files
・Development ofAn empty file has been selected.to be displayed.

Improved scroll control for "Fill-in-the-blanks", "Sort by", and "Combination" question types
When dragging an option, if the option was moved even slightly to the bottom of the screen, it would scroll by itself.

Improved scrolling control for question types "Short Answer", "Multiple Short Answer", "Multiple Choice", and "Multiple Choice".
Fixed a problem in which when the above question format was displayed as the next question after the previous question was solved, the beginning of the question text was not visible when the text was long, and the text was displayed scrolled.

If the question text and the answer column fit on one screen, the cursor is automatically positioned in the answer column.
Even when the cursor did not fit on one screen, this occurred because prior to 5.0.24, the cursor was set to automatically move to the answer column.