QuizGenerator 5.2.12 released.

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.2.12 on February 20, 2018. Changes in this version include the following

Adding Option Values
The option value "#ignore_zenhan:true" has been added. This option allows the user to grade without distinguishing between full-width and half-width characters in essay questions. The default value is true.

Correction of fill-in-plus format issues
Corrected a case in which errata were not being correctly determined.

Fixed behavior in IE and Edge
Fixed an unstable behavior in IE and Edge when #skip_intro_page was set to "true".

Fix pull-down format issues
Fixed a problem in which explanations were not displayed when only one pulldown existed.

Cooperation with learningBOX
・Development oflearningBOXImproved functionality for linking with


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