Education x Quiz = Enjoy
Change the world with the power of IT education.

We provide an e-learning system that can be used from USD300 per year for 100 accounts.

Provides quiz materials that can be used free of charge for commercial use.


To a world where anyone can easily build a web-based learning environment.


We want it to be cheap and easy, and e-learning is now going beyond the norm.


Web service that anyone can make quizzes easily for free

Services & Solutions


Development of e-learning systems

Provides e-learning system learningBOX.
Even if you use 100 accounts, the price is 33,000 yen per year. e-Learning is now more affordable than ever.


Mobile app development

We are developing for Android, iPhone and iPad. Our self-developed app "Nostalgic Block Breaker" won the first place in free apps.


entrusted system development

We provide e-Learning systems for educational institutions and order management systems for corporate clients.

Change the world with the power of IT education.

learningBOX is an e-learning system from Japan.
No other company in the world today has a global market share in e-learning.

The open source e-learning system, moodle, is a high performance system, but it is also very complex and cumbersome, making it very expensive to manage.
In addition, many of the e-learning programs developed by private companies are priced at very high levels, creating a high hurdle to adoption.

Our goal is to create a system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment.

It is an e-learning system that is easy to start using, both in terms of cost and operation.

We hope to play a part in creating more educational opportunities not only in Japan but also around the world.