Reviews of QuizGenerator, a tool for creating quiz questions

QuizGenerator, a tool for creating quiz questions
The definitive tool for creating quiz questions! This is a collection of reviews of our service "QuizGenerator".

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・Development ofGakushin Juku Instructor's Study Life

・Development ofDear share tips
Free and easy! QuizGenerator, a quiz creation tool

・Development ofAndroid Application Tsukuta - Android application
Commercial use allowed! Easy quiz creation with quizgenerator!

・Development ofKuramova Kai - Off-line meeting to pick up information and exchange to improve business with cloud services and mobile devices
Mr. Dangouo (Vacation) [@55dangouo
・Development of"I got a perfect score in the introductory part of the Minamisanriku test, too.
・Development ofChikuwa-ya - Let's make a quiz!
・Development ofMeSH Diary - Summary of Recent Tweets 20120203
・Development ofRie's Blog
・Development ofKitami TV - News - News

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